About Me

Primarily a video game live-streamer, I am a technology enthusiast with a strong passion for the culture and social aspects involved in the trade. From the old days (well, my old days) of Xfire and vanilla World of Warcraft I hold ten year plus accounts in Xbox Live and Steam and cannot stop getting involved in creative outlets and translating my passion into writing, image & video editing, small personal projects (including this website) and, of course, broadcasting.

My past includes managing & creating gaming teams/clans in addition to being a member of others, active involvement in many communities including, but not limited to TeamXbox, halo.bungie.org and MLG, competing in ladders such as Proving Grounds & TeamWarfareLeague, running gaming tournaments for various communities, partaking in image-editing contests and much, much more.

With an intermediate-level proficiency in image-editing, feel free to view my portfolio which compiles my (presentable) works from the age of twelve on-wards. As my interests vary, I would consider myself a jack-of-all-trades type, with my dominant skills being casting and writing, though many of these activities have taken a halt so I can focus all my efforts towards my broadcasts and life outside of the internet.

Looking towards the future, I plan to resume my writing and add a blog section to the site once I have 'settled' into my streaming corner and hope to even continue image-editing and re-learn skills beyond simply creating buttons and overlay elements for my Twitch page.

More intimately, I was born in Egypt, lived in the United Kingdom for six years and currently live in Canada. That's all I'm telling you. If you would like to creep more, you know where to find me! Join the stream that is... don't actually come and find me. Don't recognise me? I also go by 'The Kanye West of Cables,' 'The Streamin' Souldjya,' 'Mother****** Chuckles,' and many other totally-not-self-given monikers. I mean, giving yourself nicknames... who would do that? 

Have a look around, check out my POP! collection if your a fellow child-at-heart, make yourselves at home and make sure to contact me if you are interested in working together.