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         I am a live-streamer, collector, internet junkie and all around gamer. Welcome to my 'hub.' Check out my unbearably incomplete Pop! collection, stream times & information as well as my completely unique (wink, wink) social media.

      Whether you have seen me on Twitch, want to trade with me (can't really understand why you would) or are looking to inform me on how ridiculously not funny I am, this is your place. You can also click the button below, making this whole website redundant.

     The choice is yours.


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Everyday starting between 1-3 pm est & ending around 9/10 pm est

One or two random days are taken off per week

weekend streams usually start earlier & last longer


please be aware these games are constantly changing

  • the crew

  • Dark souls 3

  • quantum break

  • batman arkham knight

  • doom

  • rocket league

  • Marvel Heroes